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   Venezuela Library (located at IICA Headquarters)

A key to the world of agricultural information

Venezuela Library is located at IICA Headquarters and is one of the main information units of the Institute. It has a database of 35,000 bibliographic records addressing in agriculture, rural well-being, agricultural health, technological innovation, agribusiness, commercialization, natural resources and climate change. It also provides access to specialized journals and full-text materials.


  • Online Database - Library (located at IICA Headquarters): Use this link to do searches for information on agriculture, rural well-being, territories, agricultural health and food safety, agribusiness and commercialization, technological innovation, natural resources and climate change. 
  • IICA Digital Library: This link offers access to IICA’s digital collection of full-text.
  • Online catalog: Orton (IICA / CATIE) Commemorative Library: This link provides access to information on general agriculture, forestry and agroforestry, agricultural sciences , natural resources, biodiversity, sustainability, soils, coffee, cocoa and related sciences.
  • SIDALC - Agricultural Information and Documentation   System of the Americas – Do your searches in SIDALC’s information and documentation service that groups about 150 institution catalogs and national networks in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • SIBIICA IICA Library System: Search the catalogs of IICA's libraries and information centers.


 Access to databases

The Essencial Electronic Agriculture Library
   SCIELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online
   LATINDEX - Sistema Regional de Información en Línea para Revistas Científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal.
   DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
   Biblioteca Virtual FAO
   REDALYC - Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y el Caribe
   OAISTER - catálogo de recursos digitales

CIAR - Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research: CIAR Virtual Library

AGNIC - Agriculture Network Information Center

 New Arrivals in the library

Promoting competitive and sustainable agriculture in Americas: 2010-2014 Medium-term Plan - 2010.  IICA - 2011

1. The context.  2.The strategic proposal. 3. Operating strategy. 4. Management of corporate services.

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 Information Resources available at IICA

 Instutional repository

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