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07/10/2013Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas agree on agenda for cooperation in the area of integrated water management
They will work together to ensure that the agricultural sector has the water resources needed to produce the food, fiber and energy demanded by the world population.
07/10/2013Mexico to host next Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture
The ministers welcomed the invitation extended by the Under Secretary of Food and Competitiveness of the SAGARPA of Mexico, Ricardo Aguilar.
26/09/2013Ministers of agriculture call for their sector to be given a bigger role in water management
The delegations to the Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas 2013 expressed the conviction that the agricultural sector could contribute innovative solutions to improve the use of water.
26/09/2013Family agriculture has a key role to play in ensuring food security in Latin America and the Caribbean
As part of the activities of the Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas 2013, being held in Buenos Aires, the three agencies presented their annual report on agriculture in the region.
25/09/2013Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas gets under way in Argentina
The Vice President of Argentina, Amado Boudou, inaugurated the meeting and stressed the need for governments to lend political support to the technical efforts to improve the use of water in agriculture.
25/09/2013Inter-American Board of Agriculture re-elects Director General of IICA
Víctor M. Villalobos, a citizen of Mexico, will remain at the helm of IICA for a second term, from 2014-2018.
20/09/2013Convened by IICA: Ministers of Agriculture to discuss the challenges that lie ahead in the Americas with regard to water and agriculture
In Argentina, within the framework of the Meeting of Ministers, the Inter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA) will be electing the Director General of IICA for the period 2014-2018.
09/09/2013Website activated for Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas
Available for download is the technical proposal that will guide the ministerial negotiations on water and agriculture, which was prepared by IICA and Argentine specialists.
09/09/2013Ministers of agriculture of the Americas to hold landmark meeting in Argentina
For the first time at the hemispheric level, the ministers will discuss how to incorporate integrated water management into the development of agriculture in the region.
18/06/2013A new approach to water management is needed in Latin America and the Caribbean
The present situation calls for the integrated management of the water used in agriculture, a challenge that senior agricultural officials from the Americas discussed in Mexico at the meeting of IICA’s Executive Committee.
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