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The Executive Committee (EC), a governing body of the Institute, is made up of 12 Member States, elected for two years on the basis of the principles of partial rotation and equitable geographical distribution.  The Government of each Member State designates to the meetings of the EC a regular representative, preferably someone who is involved with agricultural and rural development, alternate representatives and advisors.  Member States that are not on the EC may attend its regular meetings as Observers, without the right to vote.

Ever since the IABA was recognized as the maximum hemispheric forum in agriculture and rural life, the importance of the EC as a governing body of IICA has been increasing gradually.  Accordingly it takes decisions that facilitate fulfillment of the institutional mission of supporting the 34 Member States seeking to achieve the sustainable development of agriculture, food security and prosperity for rural communities. (more)



(i)         Performs the functions assigned to it by the IABA;

(ii)        Examines the proposed biennial program-budget of IICA.

(iii)       Authorizes the use of resources from the Working Subfund for special purposes;

(iv)       Acts as the preparatory committee of the Board;

(v)       Issues recommendations to the Board and to the General Directorate on matters of interest to the Institute;

(vi)       Recommends to the Board changes in the Rules of Procedure of the Institute; and

(vii)      Sees to it that the Rules of Procedure and other rules of the General Directorate are observed.


(i)         Submits reports to the Board;

(ii)        Entrusts tasks to the General Directorate;

(iii)       Assists the Board in monitoring execution of the financial, administrative and technical policies and provisions of the Institute;

(iv)       Examines the financial status of IICA.

(v)       Approves acceptance of special contributions, legacies, bequests or grants to the Institute;

(vi)       Approves the Annual Report on the activities of the General Directorate;

(vii)      Submits  reports on its work to the Board;

(viii)     Takes emergency measures, subject to the approval of the Board, in accordance with the functions and financial resources of the Institute; and

(ix)       Analyzes the provisional agenda for the meetings of the Board.



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