The Audit Review Committee (ARC) was established by the Inter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA) to coordinate the examination of the accounts of the General Directorate by the Member States. The functions of the ARC are as follows: to review the work of the external auditors and all other aspects of the Institute's external auditing system and to call to the attention of the Executive Committee (EC) anything that, in its judgment, may constitute a violation of the rules and procedures governing the operations of the General Directorate.


The ARC is composed of three members of different nationalities, who are elected by the Executive Committee for six-year terms, who assume their duties beginning on January 1 of the year following their election, and who may not be reelected.  

Each member of the ARC must be a high-ranking official of the office or entity responsible for examining the accounts for the public administration of the Member State of which he/she is a national.  

The ARC must perform its functions with complete independence in relation to all the organs and entities of the Institute, but is obligated to carry out the mandates and requests of the IABA and Executive Committee in accordance with IICA's rules and regulations.


The EC periodically evaluates the results of the external auditing system, including the efficiency and effectiveness of the ARC.

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