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The Permanent Council of the OAS endorses IICA’s new cooperation model (21/05/2015)
The Director General of IICA presented the Institute’s Annual Report in Washington.
Investment in agriculture require better liaison between the public and private sectors (14/05/2015)
At the World Economic Forum on Latin America, held in Mexico, the Director General of IICA stated that the private sector was a key ally for strengthening agriculture.
IICA and CENTROGEO report on advances in Geoweb platform (07/05/2015)
In a forum organized by IICA, researchers from CENTROGEO, of Mexico, explained how this on-line system will contribute to rural-area based development in Central America.
IICA launches its flagship projects for the next four years (24/09/2014)
The Institute has opted for a management approach based on verifiable and measurable results.
Director General of IICA: “Investing in agricultural innovation is a highly profitable business” (16/06/2014)
Investment in agriculture can increase productivity, contribute to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and create human resources that will drive innovation in the sector.
IICA Deputy Director General discusses collaboration with Canadian Food Inspection Agency President (12/06/2014)
Executive committee discusses technical strengthening of IICA (26/05/2014)
At a meeting in Costa Rica, representatives of the ministries of agriculture of the Americas have been discussing IICA’s new medium-term plan and ways of strengthening the institution.
IICA renews its technical cooperation model (23/05/2014)
IICA’s Executive Committee approved the organization’s 2014-2018 Medium-Term Plan, which calls for the implementation of results-based management and increased use of networking.
IICA to support transfer of Mexico’s agricultural experience to the Caribbean (24/01/2014)
Some 140 Caribbean farmers and officials will receive training in Mexico on protected crops, small ruminants, agrotourism, technological innovation, horticulture and water management.
Víctor M. Villalobos begins second term at helm of IICA (15/01/2014)
The Mexican’s second consecutive term as Director General of IICA will run from 2014 to 2018.
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